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You Are What You Eat

About Us

Organic • Non-GMO • Vegan

The Green Wave is an Urban Farm based in West Windsor, New Jersey. 

We focus on microgreens because of their unique flavors and health benefits. Our goal is to help our community eat more healthily and sustainably.

Lately, most of our proceeds have been donated  to COVID-19 relief organizations. Help us to help our beautiful community!

All our microgreens are grown to order in order to ensure the freshest product possible!

Free Delivery Available!


Microgreens are nutrient dense, making them some of the most healthy foods. Microgreens are essentially young sprouts that we harvest at their most nutritious form. Microgreens are said to be 4-40 times more nutritious than their parent crop!

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Incorporating microgreens into your diet will not only increase the nutrient content of your meals, but is also convenient. I love to add Microgreens to my favorite soups, salads, and sandwiches. They are even good to snack on their own!


Microgreens are some of the freshest foods available because they are harvested on the day of delivery. We do this to ensure freshness, quality, and so you can enjoy the health benefits!

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Our Reviews

Committed to Providing Exceptional Service

Yummy greens! Nicely done Raghu! I highly recommend these. We got radish, kale, mustard, and wheatgrass for an amazing salad. Absolutely delicious! Thank You!

Anita Kaur Chatterjee

I would highly recommend these microgreens. I really enjoyed eating the radish one! Also purchasing these was quick and easy.

Sahil Kumtakar

Based on my own experience, I'd expect many people to have additional time to try new recipes while they are stuck at home right now, and microgreens are a very versatile ingredient that are a great addition to many dishes. Highly recommend!

David Liu

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