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The Green Wave Philosophy

Your Health

Our bodies are being harmed inside, undetectably, by poisonous chemical reactions. Harmful chemicals are in our air, water, and homes and will continue. The toxins are causing us harm when we ear, drink, and breath. On the bright side, most of the damage done is healed automatically, like a paper cut. However, when our bodies are not nourished, it can'y detoxify these poisons quick enough. They just build up in our body, similar to the deleterious damage they do. Toxic build-up can dramatically damage our immune system, resulting in illness.

Image by Devi Puspita Amartha Yahya

Microgreens Can Heal

A body that is toxic resembles a cut with soil in it. It is contaminated and may not improve appropriately. It should be cleaned and given the supplements it needs to sanitize, detoxify, reconstruct, and recuperate itself. A large number of us have just perceived this unavoidable truth and have changed our ways of life to avoid synthetic chemicals in our food. A few of us have likewise perceived this reality of wellbeing and are more careful about our nourishment. There is a food source in Nature filled with concentrated nutrients that can enable our body to detox and repair our immune system. They are called Microgreens.

The Green Wave Lifestyle

By consistently incorporating microgreens to your routine, you can improve your health. Microgreens contain concentrated nutrients and antioxidants through vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. These are our body's first line of defense against toxic free radical damage. However, most of the food we buy in the supermarket don't contain these high concentration of essential nutrients. Eating microgreens on a regular basis is the best way to heal your body, reverse the damage, and prevent future damage.

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